Ministries of Worship Together

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.

John 4:24
In the Old Testament, God’s people went to the Temple to worship God because in a very special way God’s presence dwelt there.  “The Lord is in his holy Temple,” Habakkuk says.  Of course, the prophets understood that the Almighty is not contained by temples made by human hands.  Yet, the Temple was a special and holy place, and the presence of the Lord was there in a unique way.

Jesus told s young Samaritan woman that a time was coming when an even more intimate experience of worship would be possible, a way we might worship in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).  Today, as saints gather each Sunday for worship, the Lord is again present in a very special way.  We understand His presence is with us always through His Spirit, but in the assembly, when the Body of Christ comes together, that presence is experienced in a unique and holy way.  For that reason, it is our desire that our worship make us aware of God’s presence among us.

Sunday Morning

Each Sunday there are various opportunities to assist in leading and facilitating the worship.

Communion Preparation

Each week the communion service is prepared for the congregation to participate in on Sunday.  Communion is also occasionally provided to members who are unable to attend.  There is also a need to maintain stock of communion elements.


Members are scheduled monthly to provide a warm greeting to members and visitors as they enter the building and providing them a worship program.

Praise Teams

We have several praise teams made up of quartets which assist in the congregational singing and will occasionally share a special song with the Church.


During the worship service there are needs to oversee the sound for speakers and singers as well as input and project materials (power-points, announcements, communion videos etc.).  

Special Sunday Services

From time to time, especially during Christmas and Easter, special services are planned which involve readers and a chorus or musical ensembles of various sizes.

Worship Leading

Several of our brothers assist with leading our worship services by offering prayers, leading praise, sharing a meditation at communion and serving communion and presenting lessons.

Other special services

In addition to our regular times of worship, we also have several different special services that facilitate our members worshiping together in various ways.

Baby Dedication
Celebrate all newborns asking the Lord’s blessings on them and their families
Drive-by Blessings
We gather and divide in teams to visit other home-bound members
Faith Journey Interviews
We interview our older saints to hear their life testimony
Faith Panel Interviews
Members on panels to discuss how their faith impacts various life situations.
Generational Chats
Members gather in intergenerational groups to discuss spiritual topics
House of Prayer
We gather in small groups led by elders to share requests and prayer for one another
Love Notes
Note cards are distributed for us to write love notes to special people in our lives
Old fashioned Singings
We gather to sing favorite hymns, music instruction and special groups sing
Patchwork Families
Intergenerational learning experiences that involve members of all ages
Prayer Songs
Times of guided prayer and meditation, providing time to be “alone together"
Word Feast
Services that present various dramatic readings of Scripture
Youth-led Service
We are led in our worship by our younger members