Ministries of Love for One Another

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends…Love each other. 

John 15:12,13,17
One writer has said that Christianity is a "one-anothering" religion.  That's true.  We are told in the scriptures to love, encourage, exhort, admonish, honor, receive, greet, forbear, be kind to, submit to, comfort, confess to, pray for, edify and show hospitality to one another, just to name a few of the "one another" commands in scripture.  The Church is a very special place.  Paul describes it as a new society, subject to a different kind of law, the law of love.  In the church, the very differences which are the source of conflict and strife in the world (race, social class, politics, age, sex etc..) are overshadowed by the common love shared by believers.  Paul said, in Christ there is no Jew nor Greek, no male nor female, no slave nor free. (Galatians 3:28).  Today Paul might have written there is no Black or White or Hispanic or Asian, no union members nor management, no republicans nor democrats, no players nor owners.

It is our fleshly nature to divide into cliques whether they are social, religious or political and to avoid those who are different from us.  Paul describes this as the "party spirit."  It is an ugly thing.  However. it is the nature of Christ, and his church, to reconcile all men to each other and to God (Ephesians 2).  We don't look at people from a worldly point of view anymore.  We see each other as brothers and sisters, a family,  One people united in our love for our Father, our Lord and each other.  The ministries of love for each other reflect our acceptance of Christ's command to love each other even as he has loved us.  That love may express itself in preparing a meal, visiting a hospital, or welcoming a new member into your home for a visit.  The ministries that follow are all attempts to express our love to each other and perhaps one of them will be something you can become involved in.

Carillon Service

Each Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. a worship service is provided for residents at the Carillon Senior Living center just a few blocks from the Quaker Avenue building and where several of our own members at Quaker live.  Quaker members lead singing and give lessons as well as simply attending and showing support for the residents.

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry provides support for people who are grieving the loss of  a loved one.  The ministries range from simple cards that express support to organizing an annual memorial service that recognize loved ones who have recently passed.


One Thursday a month, all members who are 55 or older are invited to have lunch together at the building.  It is a time of fellowship with occasional appropriate programs scheduled. Also, our elderly members are honored by preparing special bulletin boards that are displayed in the foyer that highlight their lives.

Meals Ministry

Members provide meals for families at Quaker who are dealing with major medical issues or other emergencies as well as preparing and serving lunch for members and their family who have gathered for memorial services at the building.

Special Ladies

Once a month our elderly single ladies make arrangements to have lunch together following Sunday morning service.

Wedding/Baby Showers

Members enthusiastically and generously provide support for engaged couples and new parents by providing showers that give opportunity to help young families get established.

Wedding Ministry

When members have weddings in their family not only is our building available but also a vast supply of wedding supplies and decorations which have been collected and generously donated to the church over the years.  Members often provide valuable support services to one another for weddings.