Ministries of Evangelism

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:16
Nothing is more basic to our faith than sharing that faith with others.  The early Christians were successful in spreading the gospel mostly because they understood that each believer was a minister, a preacher with his or her own sphere of influence.  We sometimes refer to the phrase, "priesthood of all believers."  That simply means that each of us is called to minister and preach to the world, our world.  After all, the word minister simply means "servant" and preach simply means "proclaim."  What better way to serve our world than to proclaim the news that God loves them and has revealed a way of life that is full of blessing if we will submit to him.

There are several ways to assist in the work of evangelism at Quaker Avenue.  Several of our members are gifted public speakers who speak not only for Quaker, but for many churches in the area.  You may be a gifted writer and may be able to communicate the gospel best in that way.  There are several outlets for such writing.  In addition, some of our members serve on our mission committee to provide logistical support for mission works in Uganda, Kenya and other places.  Some have even traveled overseas to assist the mission work for both short visits and long-term work such as teaching in the missionary schools.The ministries listed in this section all are designed to help Quaker Avenue be faithful in carrying out the command of Christ to take his message to all the world.  Perhaps one of them is a work that excites you.

Bible Correspondence Courses

Members at Quaker have the opportunity to assist people from all over the world who desire to study the Scriptures through facilitating their enrollment and participation in courses offered by the South Houston Bible Institute.

Christian Writing

Opportunities are available for those who have the gift to write articles for Christian magazines including Christian Appeal, Gospel Tidings and Power for Today.

Life Institute

Each semester Bible studies are offered  for the congregation and for all in the community who might desire it.  Opportunities exist to assist in preparation of materials as well as recruiting students from the community.

Mission Committee

Members meet once a month to help coordinate support for our various ongoing mission efforts in Kenya, the Sudan, Uganda and the Ukraine as well as short term mission projects.

Mission Trips

Every three to four years the church sends a group of adults and youth to our mission points in Uganda and Kenya to provide various kinds of assistance.  In addition, members are generally encouraged to visit our missions whenever possible and are provided with some assistance for travel.  Some have even had extended stays on the mission field to provide special support for the mission team.

Preaching to Area Congregation

Several of our members who are able to teach travel to several area congregations to provide preaching ministry.  Younger men who have a desire to preach are given opportunity to assist in this ministry as well.