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News & Upcoming Events

  • Teaching Series

    Summer Events
    Summer ExcitementnThis annual youth camp, hosted by QuakernAvenue, on the LCU campus, will occurnJune 19th-24th. Quaker members fill variousnvolunteer roles and many of our youth willnbe participating in the week-long event.nnMission ImpactnIn July, we will have multiple speakersnwith ties to our mission work.nnFamily Promise nOur turn in this ministry for homeless nfamilies will occur June 7th through nthe 11th.nn4th on Broadway nThis annual city-wide event has somenQuaker people in the mix. Steve Gomez nand the LCU Lady Chap basketball team nwill be honored. Raymond Lusk will play nin the Westwood Brass Band.nnVBS – “Walk this Way”nBible stories, games and activities fornchildren will occur July 18th-20th.nnLife Group FellowshipsnOn July 31st and August 28th, we willnhave Life Group fellowships.nnGary Smalley SeriesnOn Wednesdays, August 10th-31st, we will view several presentations onnmarriage and family.nnBack to School BashnAll church fellowship and fun on Aug. 28th.n
  • Upcoming Events

    Area-Wide Worship
    Churches of Christ from the area will gather at City Bank Auditorium at 5 p.m. for an evening worship service.
  • Service Opportunities

    Bereavement Group - for people grieving losses -
    The group meets when need arises.
    Ministry leader: Jill Langford

    College Ministry - Weekly devotional and fellowship with meal - occurs Sunday evenings.
    Ministry leaders: Logan Smith, Jared Lewis and Holli Baker

    Fellowship Meals - Groups form to meet monthly in one another's homes and share a meal.
    Ministry leader: Connie Williams

    His Kids - Storytime with preschool and elementary age children - this occurs at the end of the Sunday morning service.
    Ministry leader: Jason Moore

    Ladies Bible Study - meets Wednesday evenings in the Langford Conference Room.
    Ministry leader: Charmaine Adamson

    Life Groups - Beginning January 25th, small groups will meet - Check the weekly program for a listing of groups meet locations.
    Ministry leader: Carey Jones

    Over 55 Lunch - meets the second Thursday of each month.
    Ministry leaders: Don & Jo Beth Turner

    Quaker Kids - meets Wednesday evenings.
    Ministry leader: Jason Moore

    Special Ladies - Single ladies of all ages are invited to a lunch once a month. Dates for the gatherings are included in the newsletter.
    Ministry leader: Georgia Biggs

    Tuesday Prayers - Gather with some of our elders to pray on behalf of the congregation - meets in the Conference Room Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.
    Ministry leader: David Langford

    Youth Events - Jr. & Sr. High meet weekly in a Sunday evening Life Group. Other events are included in a youth calendar and brochure.
    Ministry leader: Jason Moore