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  • The Blue, Red and Gold Letter edition of the King James Version Bible is an innovative Biblical tool developed by former members at Quaker, Scott and Jane Johnson.
    Carpenter's Church began in1997 as an outreach to the homeless by the Broadway Church of Christ. It has since become its own church and receives regular support from Quaker Ave.
    Originally established by Baxter Loe in 1971 as the John Abraham Fund, this ministry has grown to be one of the most respected benevolent outreaches to children across the globe. Quaker has been associated with this good work since it's beginning.
    A ministry to homeless families in Lubbock. Quaker was among the first congregations to participate in this ministry and continues to support it.
    An extraordinarily effective international mission outreach, Quaker has long partnered with these brethren. The current director is Mike Schrage who worked for several years with the Tylers and the Hayes on our Kenya mission team.
    Christian publication since 1936, current editor is Quaker Member B. Shelburne. Associate editors and columnists include Quaker Members David Langford and Kenneth Hawley.
    In addition to its other projects, Ketch has published small group and family Bible study materials developed at Quaker along with several books written by Quaker's minister, David Langford and former elder now deceased, Tom Langford
    A long time dream of the mission team in Mbale, Uganda, this liberal arts university officially opened in January, 2013. It currently uses our mission team's facilities, Messiah Theological Institute, while its own campus is in process of construction.
    Established in 1957, LCU is associated with Churches of Christ and serves the community by providing excellent undergraduate and graduate education in a Christian spiritual environment. Several faculty, staff and students are members at Quaker Avenue.
    Established in 1961, Quaker has been a long time supporter of this mission effort in Namikango, Malawi. Current missionary to Malawi is Ben Hayes, former member at Quaker. B. and Ruth Shelburne who were members of the founding missionary team are currently members at Quaker Avenue.
    Daryl and Laurie Bates are a part of the Mbale Mission team and blog about their work.
    J.P. and Jill Robinson serve on the Mbale Mission team. Find out more about J.P. and Jill along with their work in Mbale at their home church's website.
    Leland and Gina Sawyers are also a part of the Mbale Mission team. Check out their site.
    Ty serves as the director of the Tyler International School in Mbale.
    For over 50 years this radio ministry has proclaimed a positive, Christ-centered message across the globe. Quaker helps to sponsor the local broadcast on KFYO each Sunday morning at 7:15.
    This is the Bible teaching arm of the Malawi Mission work.
    Victor Knowles is director of this international effort to promote unity among believers in Christ. Quaker has been a partner with P.O.E.M. co-sponsoring along with others a unity forum in Lubbock in 2000. This ministry also publishes One Body Magazine.
    Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Southwest was established in 1988 to provide lodging for families of children who are being cared for in the Lubbock hospitals. No family is turned away for lack of ability to pay. Quaker members have been involved with this ministry since its beginning and several of our members have been employed by RMHC of the Southwest. Jean Curtsinger was the executive director for many years and Janice Flemmons is currently the Chief Financial Officer.
    Established in 1946 in Kerrville, Texas, this ministry provides free Bible instruction both to the local community and throughout the world. Quaker serves as a satellite campus where Quaker member and former Institute director B. Shelburne continues to teach courses.
    Established in 1985 this is an annual summer leadership development event for young people. Quaker took over sponsorship in 2003. The current director is Quaker Youth and Family minister Jason Moore.